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Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

Reader Question: What’s the best strategy for winter time?

Colleen writes: “my daughter has a gluten intolerance and we found that she cannot eat eggs. I have 1 hen and she and her mate wonder our two acres all day and eat bugs. Her egg yokes are a bright beautiful blood orange and I have just found out my daughter can eat these eggs. […]

Chicken Coops in Marin County, CA

My good friend Nancy Wiens, PhD, one of the co-creators of the Center for Nature and Christian Spirituality here in Sonoma County, CA, alerted me to a great resource for small chicken coops made just south of here in Marin County, CA. Juan Carlos makes small coops that look like they’d be great for back […]

Become an Activist Publisher

  Hello LIFEE Colleagues! Here is the link to the PDF I wrote about how to set up your own website and become an Activist Publisher become-an-activist-publisher.pdf Please download, read, give feedback, ask questions. I will try to update and reply as quickly as I can. Thanks, and lead on!

Assumptions for sustainable chicken enthusiasts

  As we begin this project on relocalizing the source of chicken nutrition, we thought it would be beneficial to post some of our assumptions. These are primarily assumptions we make about you, the people who raise chickens. a flock of 5 chickens would be the norm (this also appears to be the legal limit […]

Major strategies for providing locally grown feed for chickens

Here’s an overview of several prominent strategies we will expand on in coming posts. We are eager for additional ideas, so if you have any, please post to comments. The following major headings are the primary strategies for meeting chicken nutrition at the home-scale level, in as sustainable a manner as possible. Our assumption is […]

Energy Farm blog post on feeding chickens

  I found a great blog post over at the Energy Farm website, a project of the Post Carbon Institute. I’ll admit that I don’t understand the name of this organization, as I love being a carbon-based life form, and would hate to lose that. As all life on the planet is fueled by the […]

Chicken nutrition, super simplified

We will take a simplified approach to chicken nutrition, as this subject has been covered extensively in half a hundred other books on keeping the home poultry flock. We also operate from two core assumptions: one, that mimicking a chicken’s evolutionarily appropriate diet is the clearest path to success, and two, that chickens are not […]