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Stonybrooke Sustainables

I interviewed Suzi Hajjar of Stonybrooke Sustainables of Cotati.  They currently have 74 chickens and are awaiting the delivery of 30 more chicks this week.  Suzi sells her “Eggs of Color (ungraded and unsized) from pasture-ranging happy hens” directly to customers such as myself and at the Cotati Farmer’s market.  Suzi started with 25 chicks […]

One of the more local feeds

We interviewed John Martan of Hunt & Behrens, Inc. a local feed store that mixes their own feed in Petaluma. John was kind enough to give me a general sense of where the ingredients come from and some of the limitations to getting some of the ingredients locally due to where certain ingredients grow best, […]

Almost Local Feed in Petaluma

After calling a few feed stores I wanted to follow up with Rivertown Feed in Petaluma as they claimed to be selling somewhat local feed.  Christopher and I stopped by one afternoon and learned that indeed the feed is sort of local.  What they sell is  organic chicken feed from Bar Ale feeds in Williams, […]

Where does chicken feed come from?

You buy chicken feed at your local feed store. You pay the premium and buy organic. But have you considered where that feed comes from? Well, you might be surprised. We’ve called most of the feed stores in Sonoma County, and as of fall ‘008 and spring ‘009, it is as we suspected, the chicken […]

Anyone know where that feed comes from?

We wondered where the feed sold at feed stores in Sonoma County comes from.  We’d heard that it might come from China so I decided to call around.  Most of the people selling organic chicken feed had no idea where it came from. The origin of the feed was clearly not something they had thought […]