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Harvey Ussery Announces Home Feeding Project

Harvey Ussery, one of our favorite writers on backyard, sustainable chicken raising, has started a new project, called The Home Feeding Project. He shares our goal to become independent of purchased feeds, and is leading this project to compile the best information out there about how to create, yes, more sustainable chicken flocks. As we’ve […]

Welcome to Sustainable Chicken!

We’re working to help expand local and sustainable food options for backyard chickens.  The problem: 99.4% of all sustainability minded folks (SMF) in suburban settings or on small farms purchase feed for their chickens from the local feed store. The feed however is grown throughout the Midwest and Canada, aggregated, mixed and bagged somewhere else, […]

More sustainable choices are not always obvious

Although we don’t have a number to compare feed grown in your backyard to feed grown in California to feed ingredients grown in the Midwest or China for that matter,  we thought it was important to at least bring up the challenge that can arise when trying to make more sustainable choices. It is always […]