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Rachel Kaplan’s Urban Homesteading book is almost here!

Rachel Kaplan is a farmer and mother and therapist and urban homesteader and a darn good writer. She’s written a new book called Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living. I’ve had a chance to read the preview PDF, and it is impressive. Every page has at least one lush color photo, the writing is clear […]

Harvey Ussery is writing a book called The Modern Homestead Poultry Flock

Honest, we’re not a paid front for Harvey Ussery and The Modern Homestead, we just love what he’s doing. And now, with all of his other writing, he has secured a book deal with Chelsea Green Publishing, one of the top publishers of sustainability and small farm related books. From a quick glance at my […]

Harvey Ussery Announces Home Feeding Project

Harvey Ussery, one of our favorite writers on backyard, sustainable chicken raising, has started a new project, called The Home Feeding Project. He shares our goal to become independent of purchased feeds, and is leading this project to compile the best information out there about how to create, yes, more sustainable chicken flocks. As we’ve […]

Sonoma County Harvest Share is live! Find food for yourself or your chickens

  Looking for an abundance of local veggies you might feed your chickens or yourself? The Sonoma County Harvest Share (SCHS) is now live. A brilliant idea whose time has come, the SCHS is a NING site that is easy to locate, register on, and use. If you haven’t used the NING software technology yet, […]

Stonybrooke Sustainables

I interviewed Suzi Hajjar of Stonybrooke Sustainables of Cotati.  They currently have 74 chickens and are awaiting the delivery of 30 more chicks this week.  Suzi sells her “Eggs of Color (ungraded and unsized) from pasture-ranging happy hens” directly to customers such as myself and at the Cotati Farmer’s market.  Suzi started with 25 chicks […]

Robert Plamondon on free range chickens

One of our primary strategies for helping make your chicken flock more sustainable is allowing the chickens access to your backyard or farm. Assuming you have sufficient space (more on that shortly), this is a great strategy. Here’s what Robert Plamondon in Oregon has to say on chickens foraging for food from : More comments  below the […]

An Interview with Bob Cannard

  Bob Cannard, of Green String Farm, has farmed sustainably for 30 years. His father Bob Cannard Sr. was an avid advocate of backyard chickens, particularly in Sonoma, CA. We asked Bob Cannard how he would feed chickens locally. He provided the following chicken meal plan.   Free range In your backyard, periodically rotate […]

Introducing Robert Plamondon

  In our extensive research of all things sustainable chicken, I finally stumbled upon Robert Plamondon, a farmer in Blodgett, Oregon who has done great thinking and writing on practical free-range poultry rearing. Robert and his wife Karen live on a 37-acre farm in Oregon’s Coast Range and raise 500-600 layers and 2000 broilers a […]

An Interview with Deborah Grace Kraft, of CatchTail Garden

  Deb, her husband Djubaya, and little Talise, keep 20 chickens on 3-acre rural residential property, 4 miles outside of Sebastopol, CA. They currently feed their chickens organic lay pellets from the local feed store, kitchen scraps, and garden weeds. They are interested in finding more local sources that provide good nutrition for good egg […]

Field of Greens, Sonoma CA

  We spoke with Ron Lawson, owner of Field of Greens ( in Sonoma California. “Our hens are not just free range, but FREE-WILL, raised with plenty of room to roam about in the Sonoma sunshine. Field of Greens provides eggs to individuals, high-end restaurants and groceries in the local area. They feed their chickens […]