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Harvey Ussery Announces Home Feeding Project

Harvey Ussery, one of our favorite writers on backyard, sustainable chicken raising, has started a new project, called The Home Feeding Project. He shares our goal to become independent of purchased feeds, and is leading this project to compile the best information out there about how to create, yes, more sustainable chicken flocks. As we’ve […]

Grow sustainable chicken protein from table scraps

  As you probably realize by now, I’m mildly obsessed with bugs. I have eaten grasshoppers several times, once in Oaxaca, Mexico, and a couple times in Santa Fe. Crunchy, high in protein, and easy to eat, they’re known as “prairie shrimp” for a reason. But a weird human’s occasional curiosity is a chicken’s bread and […]

Harvey Ussery pulls protein from thin air, and feeds his chickens with it!

~ Please check out on Harvey’s blog the latest on this strategy ~ ~ A Crucially Important Advisory to the Reader ~ Harvey Ussery continues to innovate and add value for all sustainable chicken enthusiasts. The following article originally appeared in Backyard Poultry magazine and is now available online at his website Some might […]

Interview Questions for Sustainable Chicken Enthusiasts

Would you like to contribute to the project of localizing the food web for backyard chickens? Are you interested in helping create a more sustainable chicken? If so, please help us by answering some of the following questions. We are eager to hear about your experience, and would like to incorporate what you know and […]