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Harvey Ussery Announces Home Feeding Project

Harvey Ussery, one of our favorite writers on backyard, sustainable chicken raising, has started a new project, called The Home Feeding Project. He shares our goal to become independent of purchased feeds, and is leading this project to compile the best information out there about how to create, yes, more sustainable chicken flocks. As we’ve […]

Stonybrooke Sustainables

I interviewed Suzi Hajjar of Stonybrooke Sustainables of Cotati.  They currently have 74 chickens and are awaiting the delivery of 30 more chicks this week.  Suzi sells her “Eggs of Color (ungraded and unsized) from pasture-ranging happy hens” directly to customers such as myself and at the Cotati Farmer’s market.  Suzi started with 25 chicks […]

Robert Plamondon on free range chickens

One of our primary strategies for helping make your chicken flock more sustainable is allowing the chickens access to your backyard or farm. Assuming you have sufficient space (more on that shortly), this is a great strategy. Here’s what Robert Plamondon in Oregon has to say on chickens foraging for food from : More comments  below the […]