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About Sustainable Chicken Project

Sustainable Chicken helps expand local and sustainable food options for backyard chickens. 

The problem: 99.4% of all sustainability minded folks (SMF) in suburban settings or on small farms purchase feed for their chickens from the local feed store. The feed however is grown throughout the Midwest and Canada, aggregated, mixed and bagged somewhere else, and then shipped across the country to the feed store, where the SMFs must then drive and pick up the feed to deliver to their hungry chicks. As committed locavores, that just doesn’t seem right. Purchased chicken feed is one thread in a web of problems: food and feed with low vitality and nutrition, global climate change, commodity prices that can swing unpredictably, and a whole host of other problems. 

Website intent: Present information and resources on how to provide the food needs for chickens locally. We will profile best practices from around the globe about how folks are currently supplanting store bought feed, and will share all of our research here. We are looking for more ideas and experiences on how to sustainably provide for chicken sustenance. If you have information on how to create a more sustainable backyard chicken culture, please share it with us in the comments.

This site will also document Christopher Peck and Genevieve Taylor’s on-going experiments with sustainable chicken rearing at their developing sustainable green homestead:, check us out!

This website began as a project of a group of folks within the Leadership Institute for Ecology and Economy  (LIFEE) class of 2009. Christopher Peck, Stacey Ward and Laurie-Ann Barbour worked on the project and Christopher Peck continues to maintain and expand the resource.