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Chicken Coops in Marin County, CA

Marin Chicken Coop

Marin Chicken Coop

My good friend Nancy Wiens, PhD, one of the co-creators of the Center for Nature and Christian Spirituality here in Sonoma County, CA, alerted me to a great resource for small chicken coops made just south of here in Marin County, CA. Juan Carlos makes small coops that look like they’d be great for back yards, and are designed to accommodate 2 to 6 chickens.

I like the shaded and fenced area below for the chickens to contact the ground, and the many ways the coop opens up so you can get inside and add litter or grab eggs or tend to a chicken. I also really like how the oval latches on the front that hold the fencing together are made from the ventilation holes above. Details like that make my low-waste loving heart proud!

Here’s how to find Juan Carlos and the Marin Chicken Coops:

3 comments to Chicken Coops in Marin County, CA

  • Tim Farmer

    Does anyone know of setback codes for coops in San Rafael(Marinwood)?. The county is telling me it is 30 ft. from dwelling/prop. line. They are telling me to get rid of my 2 chickens by January. Some a-hole neighbor with no life doesn’t like chickens and reported me and 3 other neighbors. Their codes are hard to interpret and the planning dept. rep I talked to seems unfamiliar with the situation. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Josh Mehler


    I’m SURE you have an answer to this by now, but I just spoke with San Rafael Planning, and they said, you can have 4 hens, no setback required, as long as it’s not attached to your house.

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