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Sonoma County Harvest Share is live! Find food for yourself or your chickens


Sonoma County Food Share is live!

Sonoma County Food Share is live!

Looking for an abundance of local veggies you might feed your chickens or yourself? The Sonoma County Harvest Share (SCHS) is now live. A brilliant idea whose time has come, the SCHS is a NING site that is easy to locate, register on, and use. If you haven’t used the NING software technology yet, it couldn’t be easier to set up, and is very easy for the casual user to use. 

From their description: Sonoma County Harvest Share links farmers & backyard gardeners with abundant produce to people who can use it. It’s free & simple to use. What could be better? Get on it and get sharing!

6 comments to Sonoma County Harvest Share is live! Find food for yourself or your chickens

  • Anna Quinn

    A little late this year, but what if you have an over abundance of fruit and vegtables?

  • Hello Anna-

    If you have extra veggies or fruit you can post it on the Harvest Share website, and somebody should speak up and take them off your hands. I don’t know how many folks are currently using the service, but it’s a great idea!
    All the best,

  • Rick Theis

    I am looking for about 4 gallons of wild blackberries. What is a reasonable price?

  • Hello Rick!

    4 gallons of wild blackberries is quite an amount! I have no idea what anyone would charge for that, you might try first, or look on WACCO lists, someone might be willing to go harvest.
    Are you making wine?
    Good luck,

  • Berenice

    The harvest share is by INVITATION only. How rude is that?!

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